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Mal Sveti Kliment Winery

What started off as a hobby, has turned into a great love and devotion to the Macedonian wine culture and tradition. As a small family managed winery, Vila and Winery Mal Sveti Kliment is dedicated to producing only the finest wines, made with great care, passion and the finest grapes!

Our boutique winery produces only a couple thousand bottles each year. All the vineyards are located in the Ohrid region, a few kilometers from the city, near the lake and by the mountainside. The vineyards are small, traditional farmlands, managed by the family and by local agriculturists from the nearby villages. Every grape we use is handpicked when it is perfectly ripe, which ensures the quality of our wines.

Mal Sveti Kliment Wines

Due to the proximity of the vineyards to the lake, the unique climate of Lake Ohrid is very much reflected in the taste of our wines. This is particularly evident in Ohridsko Crno and Pamid varieties, which are native to these regions.

We take great pride in our award-winning wines and our focus is exclusively on high quality and tradition. Our wine bar is built in a traditional stone style, where we even produce our Amphora wine by an ancient method.

We invite you to further explore our wines and traditions with us, with exclusive wine tastings at Vila and Winery Mal Sveti Kliment.


A dry white wine of the Rakaciteli variety, that has distinct faint yellow and green hues. The vineyards are located at 750 AMSL in a small local village from the Ohrid region. The aromas of a ripe sweet lemon are abundant, with some notes of a fresh green lemon. The wine has a light body and abundant flavors of lemons, ripe citrus and ad dominant but pleasant acidity. Perfect for consumption as a starter wine, chilled to a temperature of 6-8°C


A unique rose wine of the ancient variety Pamid, whose origins have been traced to 5-4 B.C in Thrace. It is traditionally representative of the Ohrid region. A wine with vivid pink and orange tones, or a salmon color. It is produced by the oldest known wine making method in ancient time; vinified in a clay amphora of 500 L. and a 4-month maceration. The vineyards are located at 750 AMSL in the village of Klimeshtani in the Ohrid region. It has characteristic aromas of cornelians cherry and wild strawberries, as well as light body and flavors of cornelians cherry and berries. Recommended for consumption at a temperature of 8-10°C

Ohridsko Crno

Unique red wine of the native variety Ohridsko Crno, which is believed to be a clone of the Macedonian native variety Stanushina , segregating itself due to the unique climate in the Ohrid region. The vineyards are located at 780 AMSL in the small community Curilo, near Velgoshi in the Ohrid region. Bright-red, blushing tones and aromas of Ohrid cherries and cornelian cherry. A medium body and full flavor, dominated by red currants and cornelian cherry. Best served at a temperature of 14-16°C


Dry red wine of the Vranec variety, most characteristic of the Balkan peninsula. The name itself which means black horse, paints the picture and temperament of the people in these regions. The vineyards are located at 750 AMSL in the village of Klimeshtani in the Ohrid region. A predominant ruby color and purple hues, with prevailing aromas of red cherries and red plums. The taste, led by the aromas, with added hints of cherries and plums, pleasant tannins and an acidity that completes the wine. The finish is with a pleasant spice hint. Best served at a temperature of 16-18°C

Vranec Barrique

Red wine of the Vranec variety. Aged for 6 months in barrique oak barrels, made from Macedonian oak. A full-bodied, vigorous wine with a dark ruby color and distinct aromas of sour cherry, prunes and caramel. The sound acidity and balanced tannins reflect the freshness of Lake Ohrid and elevation of 750 MAMSL at which the vines are grown. Best served at a temperature of 16-18°C


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